We Market your affordable Units

Reside New York is an approved NYC HPD affordable Marketing Agency for new buildings that benefit from the 421a program.

For Developers

Reside New York services developers as Marketing Agents for the 421-a Tax Exemption Program. We market the affordable housing units to eligible applicants and walk developers through the entire marketing process start to finish.

For Applicants

Reside New York will walk the applicant through the entire process of opening an account, registering with the housing department, and finally selecting and applying for the apartment of their choice, in the neighborhood of their choice.

What makes us stand out?

Three Simple Steps To Enter An Affordable Apartment Lottery

The lottery program in New York housing refers to the process of allocating affordable housing units to eligible applicants. It involves submitting applications, random selection, eligibility screening, and verification. It’s a fair method used due to high demand and limited availability. Interested individuals can check websites like NYC Housing Connect or the New York HCR website for ongoing lotteries.

Determine Your Eligibility

An applicant’s eligibility is determined according to his/her annual income and household size. The allowed annual income range varies per the specifications for each project. See the criteria for an individual project.


Create Housing Connect Account

The Affordable Marketing lotteries are conducted by the New York City Housing Preservation Development (HPD). create an account with HPD’s “Housing Connect” website to enter a lottery.


Apply Through Housing Connect

Once your account is set up with Housing Connect you can easily apply to your desired apartment.


How does the NYC Affordable Lottery Work?

So you’ve applied! What happens next? Your application will be randomized along with all the other applications and assigned a log number. Starting with the lowest log number, the developer will begin the process of reviewing applications.

It is quite common for developers to select preferential applicants i.e.: disabled persons, municipal employees and/or residents currently residing within the  development’s community board district. Otherwise, the lottery is performed in a  fair manner, giving all applicants an equal chance of winning.

If your log number is low, you are more likely to hear from a developer if you are qualified. The process may take anywhere between 2 and 10 months.