Affordable Housing for Everyone

Reside Affordable is an HPD-approved non-profit administering agent that will register and market your IH and AIRS affordable units. We support the rights of low- and moderate-income people to live in safe, affordable, quality housing.

In addition, we are responsible for supervising projects that have permanent restrictions under two housing programs: the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program and the Voluntary Inclusionary Housing Program.

Servicing Communities

The Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program (MIH) is a policy implemented by the city government that requires a certain percentage of affordable housing units to be included in new residential developments. Developers must adhere to the program’s guidelines, which mandate the inclusion of affordable housing units in exchange for zoning benefits or other incentives.

The Voluntary Inclusionary Housing Program (VIH) is a similar initiative, but with a voluntary aspect. Developers can choose to participate in the program and provide affordable housing units in their projects voluntarily. In return, they may receive certain benefits, such as increased density or other zoning concessions.

The Homelessness Prevention Administration (HPA) works with the Department of Homeless Services (DHS), the NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA) and many other organizations and City agencies to prevent homelessness and assist families and individuals in need in maintaining stable, affordable housing in their communities.

Within the Homelessness Prevention Administration are the Housing and Homeless Services/Initiatives Division, the Rental Assistance Program, the Office of Civil Justice, and the Early Intervention Outreach Team, all of which are vital partners in assisting New Yorkers in need.

The Affordable Independent Residence for Seniors (AIRS) program in New York provides affordable and independent housing options for senior citizens. It offers age-restricted apartments and residential complexes tailored to seniors’ needs, ensuring safe and comfortable living. AIRS aims to enhance seniors’ quality of life by promoting independence, access to services, and a supportive community.

What We Do